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Stockholm, Sweden, February 22nd , 2014
To: BCGH (Bertelsen -Claßen-Glaeske-Huppertz)
Die Bremer Initiative für ein Alkohol – Werbeverbot im sportlichen Umfeld

Active – sobriety, friendship and peace supports your initiative to advocate a legal ban for alcohol advertising in the environment of sport activities and events. Active represents young people from all over Europe that live a life free alcohol and other drugs. The alcohol industry tries to lure young people by using key messages and events that are appealing to young people.

We must emphasize that*:

  • 1 in every 4 deaths young men aged 15-29 (320,000) is caused by alcohol, often due to motor traffic accidents, suicide, violence, falls, or other injuries.
  • 30 -50% of all adolescent and adult drownings are caused by alcohol.
  • Nearly 10% (9 milion) of children in the EU live families suffering under alcohol misuse.
  • 195,000 deaths caused by alcohol each year in the EU.
  • 156 billion € annual social costs from alcohol-related harm.
  • Online alcohol marketing and branded sports sponsorship increase the likelihood of 14 year  olds to drink alcohol.

The most effective way to prevent harm from alcohol is regulating marketing of alcohol beverages, particularly to young people.

Sports events and activities are especially important for children adolescents, both from a health and a community perspective. Sports clubs offer great ways of forming personalities, making friendships and living a healthy life. Alcohol has absolutely no place in such an environment. Athletes and sport stars are role models that young people look up to. By allowing alcohol to be promoted and sold, these role models are associated with the alcoholic brands and with the consumption of alcohol.

We therefore strongly support your goals and we call for stronger regulations on alcohol marketing that will ensure that children and young people are protected from targeting practices and alcohol-related harm.

The Active board
*You can find sources to alcohol related harm on our website: